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Choosing Abbey Blinds

Since 1991 we have manufactured and supplied vertical blinds direct to the public, on a local level we have also provided a full home service, measuring and fitting verticals in every conceivable situation and environment. This experience and in depth knowledge allows us the advantage of understanding what Customers are not only looking for but which styles and trends are dictating at any period in time. Within our huge range of fabrics we offer a diverse selection of qualities that reflect the requirements, situation and individual demands of the Customers that we come across during our every day activities.

At our factory we have a combined method of production; embracing automation where process demands but employing hand finishing when our high quality approach overtakes. We operate on the basis that we look to you for referral and repeat business; when you are next in the market for window blinds we want you to return to us with your custom, likewise when your friends and family admire your vertical blinds you will feel confident in passing our credentials onto them for their consideration. This is only possible if we adhere to the highly important formula of quality, price and service which in turn encourages you to support our company.

We boast a 12 strong team of the most pleasant, skilled and focused individuals within our trade, collectively we deliver a hard to beat package and a shared ethos of Customer First service. Whilst we appreciate that many individuals and companies are around offering their wares, we know that with regards to product quality, affordable pricing and overall service we have a model that would be up there amongst the best, simply because as a team that is what we all strive for.

At its roots Abbey Blinds is a sole proprietor owned company, family run and Customer appreciative. Although it comes with financial advantages and deferred Customer responsibility, we choose not to become a limited company as we maintain that doing so would take away the feeling of personal commitment that we have towards our Customers, a defect that we come across quite often with less attentive examples of Customer service that tends to have negative effects on all trade as a whole.

We are here to offer you professional advice, please do not hesitate to throw questions our way it costs nothing to ask and, although we of course want your business, staff will not hesitate in helping you save money wherever possible. It is important that at the end of the day you are happy with your purchase and experience.

Advice is free of charge, please do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our expertise