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Blackout vertical blind fabrics

Blackout means that the fabric allows no light at all to pass through it, this is achieved by either the fabric being of a material, such as pvc that blocks rays of light or is composed of a soft fabric front fused onto a pvc backing. This backing is usually colour matched to the face fabric, although in some instances the backing can have a different colour usually white or cream, so please read our individual summary to confirm which of these are present.

In the case of blackout vertical blinds please also bear in mind that you will get chinks of light around the sides and underneath the bottom of the blind as well as inbetween the overlapping slats, therefore you will not be able to achieve a total blackout situation within the room. Obviously due to the inherent qualities, blackout fabric is ideally suited in bedrooms, bathrooms and commercial applications that require a higher amount of light control and privacy.

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