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Vertical Blinds - what's included in your purchase?

We are not going to profess in having a vertical blind system that is superior in operation to all others as it must be said that the functionality is identical whichever rail you choose, having said that the optional Vogue Slimline Headrail does have a much more fluid traversal and tilt gearing than the more standard and universally used slimline headrail, with focus being the headrail finsh and overall effect of chosen fabric. Please also bear in mind you are purchasing a made to measure product, materials used are heavy duty and hardwearing, not to be confused with inferior ready made quality. Once purchased the track should last indefinitely within the average home environment, certainly we provide replacement fabrics on a daily basis for tracks originally purchased from us over 20 years ago and regularly come across tracks that have been operative for 30+ years. They are very versatile items and we ensure that all of the components we incorporate within our vertical blinds are chosen with the purpose of longevity and durability in mind.

Vertical Blind Headrail -

Vertical Blind headrails are manufactured in a high quality aluminium extrustion and a powder coated finish, with quality self aligning carrier trucks. Operation is achieved via colour co-ordinated draw cords, plastic tilt control ball chain, and cordweight to help minimise cord distortion. blinds are made with a predetermined choice of left or right hand controls with one way draw, or if preferred blinds can be split to centre part. Child safe alternatives are available with a host of chain/cord cleats (automatically included as part of the fittings pack) or eliminate the need for a corded headrail entirely with a wand tilt and draw operation.

Vertical Slats -

Your chosen fabric will be finshed with a top pocket for the hanger and a bottom pocket for the louvre weight, both pockets will be sewn(not glued). After insertion the hanger simply hooks onto the vertical track and the louvre weight is linked to the adjacent slats with the stabilising chain, the purpose of the weight and chain is to hold the slat straight and parallel to its neighbour, ensuring that the louvres remain neat at all time and do not become entwined.

Brackets & Fittings -

With the fitting instructions we will include both top and face fix brackets together with sufficient yellow plugs and screws (5mm drill bit will be required for yellow plugs) . We also include our standard child safe cord cleat (when the wand option is not chosen) that can be used as an alternative to the loose cordweight, just incase circumstances change, again plugs and screws are included.