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Diffuse vertical blind fabrics A-F

A vertical fabric that is described as diffuse covers a very wide range of fabrics indeed. Essentially diffuse fabric offers a varying amount of resistance to light dependant on textile density, inherent opacity and colour refraction, ensuring that the level of light that passes through is spread and not localized. As stated the range is huge and the majority of fabrics that we offer are within this bracket. They start from thin voile and screen type qualities to thick, heavy fabrics that just fall short of being termed blackout, commonly known as dimout.

When it comes to choosing it is important that you consider the environment and application requirements of where you intend to incorporate blinds. We would urge customers to first obtain samples of the fabrics that stand out to ensure that they are suitable, please do not rely on screen image or description alone as even the thickest of fabrics allows differing amounts of light transmission with colour variation.

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