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Ordering your Vertical Blind

In an attempt to make the process of ordering your vertical blind as painless as possible we have opted for a click and proceed method of choosing your fabric with the optional choices condensed to visual interpretation rather than paragraphs of textual information which we feel can create confusion. To order your blind it is a matter of choosing the fabric colour range or characterisitic, once on the relevant page enter the window measurements and fetch the price for all of the listed fabrics. Having perused and chosen a suitable looking fabric click on the sample and ensure that the measurements are correct make a choice of draw/control with the aid of the visual demonstrator, submit to your basket and checkout when finished.

Payment process is made through Paypal, we have purposely chosen this payment gateway due to the popularity and security of the system, we find that the vast majority of our Customers already possess registration identity with Paypal which means that they do not have to keep declaring personal card details with various merchants, this can only be a good thing.

Having received your order at our end, we will confirm receipt and immediately draw up a work sheet for your vertical blind requirements. From clearance of your payment we will have your blinds made to measure and shipped out within 5 - 7 working days. When the finished goods are shipped from our factory we will let you know so that you are aware of delivery expectation, unfortunately we do not have any direct control over the courier process so we cannot guarantee delivery time or specific date.

Throughout the ordering process we will make sure that you are kept informed of the state of your order, we will not lose interest once payment has been taken and likewise we will not pester you or sell your name to a third party database once your order has been completed. We want you to boast your experience of our products and service to your family and friends we will not achieve this if we deliver anything less than full satisfaction - and that is what we aim for with every valued Customer.

Vertical Blinds manufactured and despatched within 5-7 working days