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Pink & Red vertical blind fabrics

We find that the choice of pink and red is focused mainly upstairs in domestic application, with bedrooms and bathrooms being the main recipients. Pale pink is the general bedroom option also bathroom and especially ensuite. Although not necessarily PC it must be said that pink remains the female bias, verified by the amount of wife/husband disagreements that our estimators witness over this colour on a daily basis. Considering it is on the softer side of agressive red it is responsible for a lot more conflict in our experience.

Red on the other appears in many teenage bedrooms, coincidental to the more popular football teams. Appearing downstairs in its 'poppy' version when Customers are looking for co-ordination within the kitchen. On the occasions that red is used in other rooms it must be said that you tend to see the most positively striking, effective and rememberable results, although as with all loud colours a lot depends on the surrounding decor.

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