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Vertical Blinds

Below are some of the common questions that we are asked, if your query is not answered or you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by telephone on 08451302001

Q.  How should I measure?

A.  All measurements should be supplied as RECESS SIZE.  This is the exact internal dimensions of your window (ie Wall to wall for the width and top of recess to window cill for the drop) we will take off an allowance to enable the blind to fit within that size. Please remember to check the measurements at three places along the width and drop of your window and provide us with the smallest figure, this will ensure the blind will fit even if your window recess ‘runs out’ slightly (as the majority do!).  Please check our measuring guide for further details.  As with any other query please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure, or need further advice.

Q.  Can you fit vertical blinds to bay windows?

A.  Yes.  It depends on the style of your bay window how best to do this.  If you have an angled (or Splayed) bay you would fit one blind across the middle section of the bay and blinds to either side.  If your window is more of a semi-circular or bow you can fit a separate blind to each panel, or you can double up on the panels.  Please contact us for further assistance and advise on how best to fit blinds to a bay window.

Q.  Are your fabrics machine washable?

A.  Some of the fabrics that we offer are machine washable, however,  customer feedback has indicated that this is not a fabric property that is as important now as it used to be.  We find that many customers prefer to choose a fabric that suits the room that they are furnishing and if that is then unsuitable when redecorating they choose to have replacement fabrics to again best suit their new décor.
If you do choose a machine washable fabric please note that the washing instructions provided MUST be followed to the letter and that it is recommended that the blinds be washed no more than three times.  It is quite common that after washing a slight fray might be seen along the edge of the fabric this should just be trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors and is not detrimental to the blind.

Q. I have heard that there are concerns about Child Safety and vertical blinds.  Can you explain?

A.  The issue of Child Safety is very important to us.  It is very true that there is a potential danger for young children to become caught in the looped cords of a vertical blind if they are playing with them.  We therefore, STRONGLY recommend that if blinds are to be installed in a room where children are likely to be playing careful consideration is given to the many CHILD SAFE FEATURES that we offer.  Ultimately we believe that a WAND OPERATED headrail should be installed as this product does not have any looped cords at all.  However, if you choose to install traditional corded headrails you should also install the ‘cord tidy’ that is provided with every corded headrail that we sell.
If you already have vertical blinds fitted to other rooms in your home please consider fitting ‘cord tidies’ to them.  If you contact us with your requirements we will supply them to you FREE OF CHARGE.
It is also vitally important to remember general Child Safety issues around your home, including consideration of where you place furniture, cots, cupboards etc in your childs  room.  Please remember that children love to climb and therefore all furniture should be kept away from the window.

Q.  What is the difference between Exact size and Recess size?

A.  If you order a blind to be made to exact size the finished product will measure to this size, However if you measure for a Recess size then the blind will be slightly smaller than the size ordered to allow it clearance to fit within your window recess. 
You should only really need to order exact size if you are fitting outside the recess.  Please see our measuring instructions for further details.

Q. Can my blinds be delivered to an alternative address?

A.  Yes.  We can arrange for your order to be delivered to a place of work if this is more convenient to you.  Please contact us with the details after you have placed your order.



Advice is free of charge, please do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our expertise