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white vertical blind fabrics

Generally White Vertical Blinds are at their aesthetic best when used as a calming backdrop for coloured/floral curtains especially when they are used as a functional replacement for net curtains or simply as a neutralising contrast for brightly coloured rooms.

When used on their own at a window the stand out white effect contributes brightness and cleanliness to a room such as the bathroom where it tends to be the popular colour of choice. On this point it is worth bearing in mind that reflective white will increase the light within a room, whilst this may be the required effect in a lot of cases it may not be so welcomed when it comes to conservatories where intensified glare may be the end result. This is one of the instances where our free samples service will enable you to choose the correct 'shade' of white. Within our white swatch range we not only have an array of shade but also a huge choice of textures, patterns, prints and specific fabric qualities that will suit your individual requirements.

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