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Yellow, Orange & Gold vertical blind fabrics

Incorporating this spectrum of colour within a room we draw associations with sun, happiness, energy and warmth. Although it can work as the primary colour in a room, yellow often works best as a companion to other colors. Some of the best effects can be achieved where slats are alternated with yellow, very popular in infant bedrooms where it has a neutralising effect on colder looking pale blues.

Orange it must be said is not one of the most popular shades that we are asked for however when used the prominence of green is usually somewhere in the picture, where terracotta more so than bright orange is favoured. Gold is surprisingly popular especially in rooms that are more formal, lending itself to richer fabrics and tones. Heavy floral curtains always appear more dramatic with a deep gold vertical blind in the background especially in dining rooms that have long patio or french doors in dark wooden frames.

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